NRF has wrapped — your objectives remain.

NRF 2022 was challenging for retailers and vendors. WorkJam is proud of our decision to attend. Collectively, we expect a lot from frontline retail employees who have no choice to work from home — if they don't go to work, they don't get paid. We showed up to represent and help your frontline employees.
Now that NRF is wrapped, what's next? Book a meeting with our team — for the first time or as a follow-up — to discuss how we fit into your strategic initiatives. 

What’s your plan for the frontline?

WorkJam is the only digital workplace that addresses retail’s biggest challenges:
  • Global labor shortages
  • Labor utilization
  • Store task execution
  • Employee safety
  • Increasing sales per labor hour
  • Location and regional compliance
  • Targeted and timely communication and recognition
WorkJam’s Frontline Digital Workplace delivers flexible scheduling, task management, employee communication, and learning in a single user interface — improving employee workflows, engagement, and efficiency.
Your associates also win with better work-life balance, as well as growth through learning development, improved acumen, and economic well-being via the optional early access to earned wages.
WorkJam delivers Workforce Orchestration.

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Millions in cost savings. Rapid payback.

Available in over 42 languages and countries, WorkJam streamlines your operations to drive a consistent customer experience while improving the employee experience.
In fact, Forrester Consulting recently determined that our Digital Workplace delivers on average 410% ROI per customer.